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Best Phone Number Lookup – Unveiling Google vs ProWebLook 2024

Best Phone Number Lookup

Hey there, digital enthusiast! Today, we’re diving into the realm of phone number lookup and how they play a pivotal role in our digital interactions. Ever since the world has evolved on the web, verifying numbers is a digital bouncer from our hands, ensuring the right connection to our incoming calls.

To check a phone number online, you might be familiar with the mighty Google phone number checker, Titan of Tech, and our rising star ProWebLook phone number checker. We’re about to witness this side-by-side comparison of these two charismatic digital power cards in our hands. To unravel the mysteries behind these two tools, we’ll find out which one is better for the crown in phone number validation.

Let’s uncover the secrets behind these two tools because in the world of digits, accuracy is not just a number; it’s a game changer!

Google Phone Number Lookup

In today’s era of modernization, the biggest source of interaction is a phone call. With the passage of time, unknown numbers became a problem for many people. Google jumped into this game to check a valid phone number for more detailed information about the caller, providing a comprehensive solution for verifying and managing caller IDs.

Functionality to Check Phone Number Online

Okay, so let’s start to talk about the operation criteria of this online lookup tool.


Google covers a vast area of information on the basis of different services. While covering a large chunk of information, the Google number check mechanism is still not enough to meet the subtle requirements a user wants to achieve. For example, Google does not have a specialized search console to phone numbers online. Instead, you just have to enter the required number manually to get the results, which is quite hectic, I must say.


Is Google really convenient for checking numbers? No doubt, Google has the largest information pool in its ownership, but the Google search console for number lookups is a bit tricky. It is convenient if you search the number manually, but developers won’t like it. Google is also unable to fetch the results from a landline phone number lookup. To check a landline number, you have to use an alternate and more reliable source.

Outdated data

It is important to know that Google uses information from a large reservoir of sources, which can result in incompleteness or compromise on the accuracy of the given result. Google is not actively working on the phone number lookup feature. So, people can’t rely on Google.

Limited International Coverage

As I told you, Google is not actively working on the mobile number checker feature; instead, it is using this feature for specific or targeted countries only to make their other services better. What about you guys, who are relying on Google, particularly for this purpose? Can you rely on your whole customer care section on inaccurate, outdated, and limited data? Obviously, a big no. For bulk phone number checking, you have to opt out of other options like ProWebLook.

No Caller ID functionality

While Google provides information upon checking a phone number, do you know how this system works? Google is capable of giving you lookup information upon mobile number verification for their own ecosystem. What about the numbers that are not in Google’s ecosystem? It is clear that the Google phone directory is not enough to show you instant caller identity and is also incapable of showing the identity of those numbers that are outside of Google’s ecosystem.

ProWebLook Phone Number Checker

Here comes today’s shining star, with unlimited power in this area of looking up. In today’s era, information is a master key, but the main ingredient should be accuracy. Our new-age tool has fascinating features along with accuracy. Whether to check a phone number or a landline number, our undefeated titan of the game is capable of meeting all your needs. You want integrated APIs, a WhatsApp number checker, or an email verifier; we’re all here to help you with specialized expertise in this area of segment.

proweblook phone lookup

Functionality to Check Phone Number Online with ProWebLook

Ever wondered! Your daily calls will have a completely new management scenario. If not, we are all here to make you delve into our new era of checking phone number optimization to avoid your daily spam calls, to be more specific about your marketing strategy, or to find a lost friend of yours. Let’s dive deep to explore the hidden mysteries of our API.

Convenient Usability

Our database is primarily working on the most important key factor, which is an accurate and updated database. Other than that, ProWebLook is extremely efficient at digging out all the details you want for your desired needs.

Worldwide Coverage

Stuck at your work with limitations of the area described services? No worries! PWL is all here to give you a one-stop solution for your DNS, email verifier, WhatsApp API, IP API, and overall number lookup, with over 180 countries of coverage.

Seamless Integration

PWL’s intuitive design can be a moonlight walk for a developer, and its seamless integration into various functions can definitely decrease your day-to-day hassle. PWL integration is only one click away from you. This magical development can make your work easy, like a piece of cake.

Reliability & Precision

ProWebLook secret developmental elixir is regular updates, ensuring top-notch accuracy, and fetching detailed information about the caller, which is what we offer to our dear clients.

User-Friendly Interface

Beyond the above attributes of PWL, a fascinating user interface is the cherry on top for our clients. Other than normal lookup services, we give a holistic view of incoming calls that is easily manageable and can be usable even after you miss your calls. Our javascript integration is really a one-stop solution for you.

Google Phone Number Checker vs. ProWebLook Phone number Checker

Here comes the main spotlight for your desired need, I will not take your much time let’s get into a direct comparison of these services.

Global CoverageFully Global Regional Based
AccuracyRegularly UpdatedOutdated Database
IntegrationEasy IntegrationNo API to Integrate
Whatsapp ValidationOne Click ValidationNo Such Service
Email VerificationPart Of APINo Such Service

In a Nutshell

In a rivalry between Google and PWL, they reveal distinct tales of digital prowess. Google, being a tech giant, provides a broad spectrum of information, but its manual input limited international coverage, and outdated data with a lack of caller ID is a real hindrance to your productivity.

Enter ProWebLook, our rising and future-shining star, in this comic battle. With unparalleled accuracy, regular updates, worldwide coverage, seamless integration, and a variety of services, it remains an undefeated champion of the game. Its user-friendly interface also allows you to interact more easily and gives you ease with its automation.


Is Google reliable for checking phone numbers?

Google’s information may be outdated or incomplete as it relies on a vast reservoir of data. Additionally, it has limited international coverage, focusing on specific countries and neglecting active development for mobile number checking.

Does Google provide caller ID functionality for all numbers?

Google can only display caller identity for numbers within its ecosystem, leaving out those that are not a part of Google’s network.

What are the key features of ProWebLook Phone Number Checker?

ProWebLook offers an array of features, including accurate and updated databases, worldwide coverage (over 180 countries), seamless integration, reliability, precision, and a user-friendly interface.

How does ProWebLook handle phone number checking online?

ProWebLook simplifies the process with an efficient and accurate database, making it a one-stop solution for checking phone numbers, landline numbers, and various other functionalities like DNS, email verification, WhatsApp API, and IP API.

Is ProWebLook suitable for developers?

Absolutely! ProWebLook’s intuitive design ensures a seamless integration process for developers, reducing day-to-day hassles and making their work significantly more accessible.

Does ProWebLook offer global coverage?

Yes, ProWebLook provides worldwide coverage, spanning over 180 countries, making it a comprehensive solution for various services beyond just phone number checking. 

Kindly check our website Proweblook for more Web API tools. More resources can be found on our Github page

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