How To Know If A mobile Number Has WhatsApp?

The Answer Is Here.

Since its inception, WhatsApp has evolved from merely being an online messaging platform to becoming an integrated platform for businesses to connect and assist their current as well as potential customers. With the plethora of features this application offers, the scope of communication between businesses and customers has broadened to a significant extent. As a result, more than 2 billion users worldwide share over 65 billion messages on WhatsApp daily.

In today’s time, businesses are leveraging these statistics to meet their customers where they are. Being the most widely used messaging application worldwide, WhatsApp has proven to be a useful bridge between both businesses and their target audience.

Be it communicating with customers, exchanging product catalogs over chat, or sending regular reminders about different services and offers, the application enables seamless interactions and offers a smooth customer experience.

At times, it becomes cumbersome to check and verify if a number belonging to an individual is registered on WhatsApp or not. To see if it’s active, Proweblook API  has come up with a unique solution that can help businesses easily verify numbers on WhatsApp (WhatsApp number verification) in two simple steps.

Also want to see live working demo here.

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