Website Heat Mapping tool

Website Heat Mapping tool

What makes Proweblook an awesome heatmap tool

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Heat map software helps you see what needs to be improved

The benefits of using heat maps are numerous. The data gathered can offer proof as to where visitors do and do not click, provide useful information when designing and redesigning landing pages, help determine optimal advertisement placement, minimize shopping cart abandonment, maximize conversions of online forms and predict how visitors will use your site in the future.

When you see what people are clicking on, scrolling through, or ignoring on individual pages, you form a clearer understanding of what to change, what to start A/B testing, and what to improve—so you can give your users the experience they deserve.

Optimize and refine your website

A heatmap helps you determine if people reach important content, follow the main links, buttons, and CTAs, and/or experience issues across devices while browsing your site. 

When you use heatmaps on business-critical pages (including your homepage, product and checkout pages), you make sure you are always creating a great user experience.

Happy heat mapping!

Last updated on: 3 July, 2021