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HTTP headers are an integral part of the HTTP protocol used by the World Wide Web. They carry important metadata that informs both the browser and the server about the content of the web page being requested or served. HTTP headers also contain additional information that can be used by developers and system administrators to optimize the performance, security, and functionality of web applications. We provide a dedicated HTTP Headers Lookup tool and it’s API that allows users to extract HTTP headers. It can be used to analyze the behavior of web applications and identify potential vulnerabilities. Proweblook HTTP Headers Lookup tool assists with search engine optimization (SEO). By analyzing HTTP headers, developers or SEO specialists can identify issues related to page indexing, duplicate content and broken links, and optimize web pages for better search engine ranking. In summary, Our HTTP Headers Lookup tool or API provides a valuable set of capabilities for web developers, system administrators, and web analysts. It helps with performance monitoring, security, compliance, and search engine optimization, ultimately leading to better user experience and higher conversion rates.